Internal Wet Area


Below is some information on the products that Dyco-Hydroseal uses for water proofing.

Bostik – Moisture Seal

Moisture seal is a two component water-based epoxy moisture and vapour barrier.
A two component, high performance, water-based epoxy waterproof vapour barrier membrane to prevent water seepage and permeation for floors, walls, water tanks, reservoirs and/or water retaining structures.




  • As low vapour transmission barrier membrane prior to the application of Bostik Ultraset Timber Flooring Adhesive.
  • As a low water vapor transmission barrier membrane coating in the building and construction industries and as a barrier coating over “ green”, freshly laid concrete. As a waterproofing membrane to prevent water seepage or moisture penetration through to the interior of walls and floors.
  • As a waterproof membrane, curing compound and barrier coating over freshly laid hardened (green) concrete either as an internal finish or prior to the application of conventional floor and wall coverings such as tile adhesives, carpets or conventional building paints.
  • As a waterproofing vapour barrier in tanking applications and sealing over damp concrete surfaces either a an internal finish coating or prior to overcoating with other coatings.
  • A highly tolerant membrane/barrier to prevent water seepage or permeation for floors, walls, water storage tanks or reservoirs and swimming pools.
  • Safe to use in sensitive locations (e.g. around food or habitable areas).
  • May be used as a waterproof primer prior to the application of Ultraseal, Boscoseal PU, one and two part polyurethane sealants or cementitious floor screeds.
  • As an effective vapour barrier on concrete or masonry prior to the application of timber flooring or panels.


Technical Data Sheet     MSDS

Ultraseal ‘R’ Waterproofing membrane


Bostik Ultraseal is a high performance flexible one component trowel/brush or roller applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane specifically designed for wet area applications. Ultraseal can be over-applied with conventional grout toppings or ceramics adhesives prior to application of wearing toppings or surfaces (such as tiles, etc.) – This is a highly recommended product of Waterproofing Warehouse, we have only received positive comments!



  • Waterproofing internal and external wet areas.
  • Waterproofing balconies, podiums, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, floors and walls prior to application of surface wearing toppings.
  • Use on concrete slabs, cement rendered concrete, masonry, fibre reinforced cement sheeting, water resistant plasterboard and plywood.
  • Waterproofing shower recess bases.
  • Waterproofing and sealing planter boxes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Creates a tough elastomeric waterproofing membrane when fully cured.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Low odour polyurethane membrane.
  • Free of pitch or bitumen modification.
  • Will not bleed through porous materials such as marble, natural stone, slate tiles or grouting.
  • Non re-emulsifying.
  • Ready to use, no mixing required.
  • Excellent workability.
  • Early access for following trades.
  • Tenacious bond strength to virtually all common building substrates.
  • Reaches sufficient cure generally in 24 hours allowing for toppings or coverings to be placed.
  • Ultraseal is A.B.S.A.C. appraised, No. 197
  • Ultraseal packaging is available in 600ml Sausages (small areas, e.g. shower recesses)
  • Ultraseal ‘R’ (Rollable grade) is available in 600ml Sausages, 4 ltr & 15 Ltr Buckets


Technical Data Sheet