External Coating


WBA 9000 is a High Build Acrylic Membrane which displays outstanding performance where flexibility and long term durability is required.

The combination of low CO2 absorption and high water vapour transmission makes WBA the preferred coating system for both new and remedial maintenance projects.

WBA 9000 is formulated on a unique flexible resin and long life pigments. The high resin solids ensures a superior film build which provides maximum performance in a wide range of climatic conditions.

WBA 9000 is the result of product evolvement based on advanced technology, proven and improved over the past decade. These formulations are the result of a commitment to quality in research, product development and manufacturing.


– Coating of Concrete and Brick
– Parapet Walls
– Flat and Pitched Roofs Liquid Flashings
– F.C. & A.C. sheeting
– Following Spalling Concrete Repairs,
– Silos
– Cement Render
– Plant rooms
– Low Traffic Walkways


-Single Pack
-High Build
-Excellent Resistance to Chalking
-Large Colour Range
-Waterbased, no Premising Required
-Export Quality
-Quick Drying
-Mild Chemical Resistant
-Excellent Durability
-Application Range-
-WBA9000 15-30°c
-WBA LT 0-30°c
-WBAQD 15-30°c
-WBA Low Build 15-30°c
-Over 100 Standard Colours &
-Comprehensive Custom Made Range.



Do not apply coatings if temperature is below 15°c or over 3O°c. (Low Temp Grade 0-30°c)
Do not apply coating if rain is imminent.
Not recommended for below grade waterproofing or where water pressure is from within the wall.


The surface to be treated should be dry clean sound and free from oil, grease, flaking paint and laitence and other deleterious materials.
Sound paint may be overcoated.
New concrete should be minimum 28 days old before application commences.
All cracks or holes exceeding 2mm are to be repaired before application commences.


Apply one coat of the appropriate Westox Primer. Apply by brush, roller or airless spray to the prepared surface.


Apply one coat at the rate of 4m2 per litre and allow to dry. Apply second coat at the rate of 4m2 per litre W.F. T. approximately 250 microns. Finished dry film thickness (D.F. T.) should then be approximately 275 microns. (Total D.F. T. should never be less than 250 microns).


Apply first coat to primed surface at the approximate rate of 2m2 per litre and whilst still wet roll out reinforcing mesh and embed, working with a brush to ensure complete saturation of fabric.

Allow minimum 8 hours before application of second coat of membrane at the rate of 2m2 per litre and allow 24 hours to dry. Apply third coat of membrane at the rate of 2m2 per litre at right angles to previous coats.

Thoroughly check surface after 24 hours to ensure that complete coverage has been attained and no pinholing is evident. Surface will be touch dry in 8 hours, and will accept foot traffic after 48 hours. Will achieve full cure within 7 days. Avoid water ponding for first 3 days after application.

SAFETY – Not classified as dangerous goods

Refer to Westlegate Pty Limited Material Safety Data Sheet for instructions.


dean up all equipment in fresh water immediately after use.